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Pre and post-operative physiotherapy

A huge part of what we do at Avalon Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates is the treatment of orthopaedic related conditions, such as joint replacement surgery, ACL rehabilitation and arthroscopies. We have developed a close working relationship with many local surgeons and specialists and so receive many referrals from them for patients in and around Avalon.

Before your operation, we can put your mind at ease with any questions you might have about your upcoming surgery, explain what will likely be involved in the surgery, how you will feel afterwards and what you should and shouldn’t be doing immediately afterwards in order to maximize the speed of your recovery.

After your surgery, you will then embark on a period of rehabilitation with us. We will be working on increasing your range of movement, reducing any swelling, improving muscle strength and stability as well as your general functional ability, including any specific goals that you may have.

We will work on achieving these goals through a combination of manual therapy, dry needling if appropriate, dynamic taping and therapeutic exercises both supervised in the practice and a comprehensive home exercise program. We will communicate back and forth regarding your progress with your consultant as necessary.