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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates has a number of benefits and is often used in conjunction with our Physiotherapy treatments. However, this service is also available for strengthening and fitness.

At Avalon Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates we design personally tailored Pilates programs that are individually suited to the needs of every patient that we see. Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, have just had surgery or are about to go for surgery, we can help you.

Clinical Pilates would be beneficial for rehabilitation from injury and pain, orthopaedic surgery, getting back into shape post childbirth, postural correction including spinal scoliosis, muscle weakness, joint stiffness and muscle tightness.

Most of our clinical Pilates exercises are done using equipment including reformers and the trapeze table. We do however often prescribe home exercises that can be done either without any equipment or the use of stretchy therabands.

If you are coming to do clinical Pilates for a specific musculoskeletal condition, you are able to claim this treatment on your private health fund on the spot for group Pilates classes or a private Pilates session with one of our physiotherapists. Just make sure you remember to bring your private health fund card with you each time.

You do not need a referral to start, but if you do have a letter from your GP or specialist, or xrays/MRI’s, please do bring them with you. This information will all help in prescribing the correct exercise routine for your specific needs.